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A New Opportunity Awaits!





Taxes fund revenue streams to help token price and stability!


Revenue sharing benefits injected through reflections!


Earn Altitude yield auto-compounding your position!

Deflationary Tokenomics with both buy back and auto burns!


                START SUPPLY: 210,000,000



1% Supply Burn

1% Liquidity Burn 

3% Mountain

5% Reflections

10%: Sell Tax

1% Supply Burn

1% Liquidity Burn 

3% Mountain 

5% Reflections

*See the whitepaper to see the exact tax breakdown for how incoming revenue is allocated and for launch mode tax model*

*Don’t invest funds you can't afford to lose. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.*

ALTITUDE logo2_edited.jpg

Welcome to The Altitude Project! Founded on the ETH Layer 2 Base Chain, our mission is to provide an exceptional combination of deflationary tokenomics, rewarding user experiences, and innovative revenue streams where you can automatically share in the projects success. We are dedicated to transparency, sustainability, and the belief that every Altitude holder should benefit from our shared success.

At the core of the ALTITUDE project is the ALTITUDE token, a reflective reward token designed to encourage the HODLing mindset. We are not just another token; we are a vision founded on rewarding loyal holders and ensuring their journey is not only enriching but sustainable.

Our unique approach seamlessly combines deflationary mechanisms, user rewards, and the infusion of fresh revenue, positioning us well to thrive, particularly as we anticipate the dawn of a new bull run. ALTITUDE believes in propelling the DeFi space forward, utilizing its ecosystem to grow the project while contributing to the wider DeFi landscape.

Join us on this exhilarating journey! Together, we ascend to new heights with ALTITUDE.


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