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Security Measures: Altitude Audit PDF

Audit Verification: The Altitude Token's smart contract has undergone a comprehensive audit conducted by Cryptohub, resulting in an impressive score of 93/100—a testament to its robust security features. You can access the detailed audit report in PDF format directly from this page (see heading) or view by following the provided link for a comprehensive review.

Liquidity Safeguards:

Enhancing security and instilling confidence, our liquidity undergoes automatic locking post-presale, a process efficiently managed by our presale partner, GEMPAD. Additionally, any liquidity generated from taxes is automatically directed to the dead wallet, rendering it inaccessible. This not only fortifies the floor price but also ensures an added layer of security.


Transparent Management of Mountain Wallet:

The Mountain Wallet, overseen by the Project Owner, prioritizes transparency and security. All funds and revenue positions are securely stored on-chain, reinforcing our commitment to openness. Importantly, project funds will never be moved off-chain. Periodic updates on the project's positions will be available on the website under the Statistics section and communicated through official channels, providing holders with real-time insights. Any profit-taking actions will be announced, accompanied by clear allocations for full transparency.

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