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ALTITUDE is more than a token; it's a transparent and trustworthy project designed for long-term value. As a deflationary rewards token paired with WETH, ALTITUDE stablises by reducing circulating supply, delivering passive rewards to investors through volume/revenue sharing. Holding ALTITUDE means automatic participation in project revenue received via reflections, aligning with our goal to be among the highest reward tokens. Our strategic tax approach encourages HODLing for a potential increasing ROI as the project matures. Altitude isn't overly complex but operates on the principle of generating external inflows from day one, diverse revenue streams utilised to support the token and include every holder in our projects success. 


Why Altitude?

Altitude finds its roots in my journey as an investor, where a passion for improvement led to the accumulation of ideas. Despite encountering resistance while voicing these thoughts, the urge to create a project that embodies these ideas became undeniable—thus, Altitude was born. Drawing from my experience in various DeFi communities, I've witnessed both positive and negative aspects. Altitude is born out of a sincere commitment to bring positive contributions to the space, providing our community with a project they can actively engage in and contribute to our collective growth story.

  • Name: Altitude

  • Blockchain: Base Chain (Layer 2 on Ethereum)

  • Starting Supply: 210,000,000 Tokens



BUY TAX 10%:




Revenue Strategy:

  • Altitude utilizes taxes sent to the Mountain Wallet to create yield generating revenue positions.

  • All realised profit minus dev fee allocations can be seen in whitepaper, buybacks are taxed as the wallet isn't whitelisted.

  • Holders earn part of the project revenue in their reflections due to the Mountain buys being taxed.

  • Continuously look for oppurtunities to bring more inflows to the project.

  • Profit Allocation: 80% Buy & Burn,10% Stables/Bluechips Mountain,10% Owner.

Fair Launch Presale:

  • Launch fair launch with GemPad.

Security and Audits:

  • Audited by Crypto Hub 

  • Liquidity automatically locked with our presale partner GemPad.

  • Auto Liquidity from taxes are automatically send to 0xdead address.

Development/Owner Fees:

  • 10% of the yield generated from the Mountain Wallet allocated to the dev/owner!

  • Development fees calculated based on the yield project generates, not total taxes.

  • Example provided to showcase the minimal impact of the development fee in whitepaper.


Altitude's roadmap unfolds with a Fair Launch using Gempad launchpad marketed on social platforms. The evolution of tokenomics focuses on enhancing user rewards through tax rebalancing as the Mountain Wallet grows. Plans include potentially introducing a revenue-sharing staking pool for ETH/USDC rewards, collaborating with trusted third-party staking services, and actively engaging in partnerships and integrations within the DeFi space. The project maintains a commitment to continuous research, increased inflow and potential expansion to other chains, ensuring sustained efficiency, security, and scalability.

Note: This write up provides a brief overview; refer to the full Altitude whitepaper for in-depth details.

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